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Salland 1 - Dosti (275v8 - 24) met 9 wickets voor Mika

Mika leverde zondag jl. een unieke prestatie door 9 v 7 in 5.4 overs te bowlen. Een geweldig resultaat dat juist hem toekomt voor zoveel jaren en uren hard werken aan z'n spel!

Zie https://www.arlclub.com/pub/2019/Hoofd_klasse_H/12_56.htm.

[door Gijs M] Today's match was one to remember for a long time. At 10 o'clock the first players arrived, Victor(Captain) was enjoying a lovely little nap before the game. It was a cloudy morning when the first few players got in the sportswear, ready to do the warming up that Bruce Haley had set up for us. At that time only one player from Dosti (the opponents) had shown up, that let us to believe they weren't gonna show up again. 
But eventually around 10.50 the others showed up at the ground. Match started at 11.15, Salland CC was batting first, opening with Geert van Seventer and Bart Kuijlman. First few over were looking promising already, but Bart's innings were cut short when a bouncer had hit him in the face. He needed to go to the hospital ending up with quite a lot of stitches.
Victor Lubbers (captain) took his place and was ready to keep the runs flowing with Geert. But after being bowled by Babkerkhail he left the pitch with 5 runs and a short partnership with Geert. Rex Strickland came into the field in the 11th over.
Geert and Rex unfortunately did not have the partnership the hoped for after Geert got bowled after making 17 runs in total. This meant that the two overseas were both in the middle now, with a bit of pressure on them because 2 wickets were lost( and one retired by injurie) in the first 12 overs. Dalton and Rex in the middle, Rex on strike, new bowler. Rex got a full toss which was hit to deep square leg and caught as well which ended Rex his innings. Another wicket lost in a short amount of time, it was not looking good for Salland. Reinder Lubbers walked in the field, but he also couldn't stay in for long which meant that after only 14 overs number 6 Gijs van der Molen had already come in.
Dalton Polius (overseas) and Gijs van der Molen went on to stay in for more than 15 overs and a partnership of 98 runs! Dalton Polius as an experienced cricketer, helped Gijs through the overs by showcasing how to properly get back in a game after losing a lot of wickets in the first few overs. Gijs eventually got out after being caught behind when the score was 173.
In the 32 over Curtis Lubbers came into the field and had a lovely partnership of 37 with Dalton Polius after he got out in the 39 over.
At that time Dalton had already scored 74 runs and wasn't planning to stop. Desmond Lubbers followed his brother in the batting order, but unfortunately couldn't hold his wicket. Which meant that Steven Lubbers could showcase his batting skills again in the first team. And he did, quick singles smart shots and a couple of 4's. Dalton made a century which was well deserved eventough the keeper dropped him a couple of times. He fought his way back, went on to lead a couple of the players through the overs. With 106 Dalton left the ground after being caught. Mika van Zijl got in and got to work on his average, he and Steven were both not out. Salland CC made 275 v 9 after 50 overs.
After lunch, Salland went onto the field ready to defend their score.
A nice start from the big man Reinder from the pavilion end, the ball was swinging and reinder got some pace on it aswell. 
It was now Mika's turn, 3 dot balls and the fourth ball was a wicket, a catch by Desmond Lubbers on Mid off. An early wicket kept Salland's mental game on a high. 
In his second over Mika got 2 more wickets. Clean bowled, Mika was on a roll. These 2 wickets gave a change for a hattrickball, which meant that our fielding positions didn't matter anymore. Everybody in, everybody ready for the next wicket. Leg slips, gullies, catching, everybody was ready for the catch. Unfortunately no hattrick.
In Mika's 3rd over, he got again two wickets, two catches. One amazing catch in de covers from substitute fielder Jimi "James" Koning and one on point from Curtis Lubbers, which meant that there was another hattrick chance for Mika.
Unfortunately again this time no hattrick, but Mika was now on 5 wickets. Reinder followed with a famtastic Maiden and Mika did exactly the same.
Mika's 5th over again contained a lot of wickets. 
First bowled out Number 6, and got an LBW on number 8 and a catch from the captain Victor Lubbers on Number 9. 8 wickets for Mika!!
Mika was ready to take out the whole Dosti squad,  but (unfortunately :) Reinder got his well deserved LBW wicket on batsman number 7.
Mika got the last wicket, and had some amazing figures for this match. [9-7-6]!!
In short, an amazingly good match from Salland with amazing performances from Mika and Dalton!

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Reader Comments (2)

Die deksels Reinder toch, anders had je er nog een gehad Mika, well done!

juli 8, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterG.L Rjken

Wow! Great read!!
Keep up the good work Gijs!

juli 21, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterRex Strickland

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